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Memory leak leading to long-term crash

I have a private radio running 24/7 with PlayItLive (04 Feb 2017 (v1.14.2.1377))

It keeps consuming more and more memory until it consumes all available memory and eventually crashes, probably when an allocation fails.

My system has 4GB RAM, and as one can see in the atached screenshot , PlayItLive was now using 3.6GB RAM.

When it is first launched  Feb 9th, it used about 170K RAM.

It stopped streaming to shoutcast on Feb 16th, presumably when it failed allocating. So he broadcasts for about a week in Auto mode.

It's always been like that. My configuration is not complicated.

I have 5 track groups

- 468 tracks

- 362 tracks

- 33 tracks

- 466 tracks

- 1 track.

I have 24 clocks and 24 clock schedules (in order to say the time every hour).

What can be going on ?

Thank you.

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i just logged in to our system to find the same message. the plugin is installed but disabled. the pc is getting formatted and windows 7 reinstalled tuesday so we wont be adding that module once it installed from scratch. fingers crossed that message is only there because the plugin is still installed but disabled. i think we will use ots until the pc is reinstalled. 

One memory problem I am seeing is every couple of weeks I notice the tracks are crossfading too early and the memory usage is high. I was restarting the software but the last time I went to the playout log and cleared the previously played days / hours and that cured it.

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