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No Audio

Since this was updated, I now have no audio whatsoever on my pc. I can't play any sound through PlayIt software and even using windows media player... still no sound at all. If I close PlayIt, the sound comes back to my pc. I have checked the settings and the soundcard is configured correctly. Please help.

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Hi John,

We resolved this one via Facebook:

"Please try going to File > Settings and confirm your sound device selections. Click OK to confirm the selections. These may have got rearranged during the upgrade."

I have no sound at all when i load playitlive. It also kills all my other sound on my computer. I have checked all the settings and everything looks correct. Pretty Disappointing.

Hello. Please ensure that you have unchecked the option for  Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device:

Go to Start > Sound Settings > scroll down to Sound Control Panel > Right click <audio device> > Properties > Advanced > un-tick Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device > OK

Same problem here.
 I have un-tick "Allow application to take exclusive control of this device", but the proble still persist, no sound on my PC. I close Cartwall,everything comes right...

I think the software must in particular have an option with : "Realease the asio pilot (or wahtever pilot) when Cartwall is in background. 
My DAW (cubase) cause the same issue, when he is "in front" using asio pilot, the others softwares can't play. It's not about the default configuration of windows (un-tick excelusive mode...), but the software itself. 

As I understand ASIO, it has to be an exclusive link between software and device (that's how it is "bit perfect"). If you want to share a resource, don't use ASIO.

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