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Problem Re-installing Cartwall

first of all, excuse my english. i´m a radio broadcaster from Mexico

this is my problem

i install Cartwall in my home studio pc to record my shows for the radios i work with

in the beginning was a problem with the licence, it can´t get to connect "licence not valid yet" so my Cartwall breaks down.

i uninstall and re-install it, since i did that, Cartwall can´t start, a window appears with an angry duck image. i send the report several times from the crash window.

it appears to be a connection problem with the licence.

can you erase my Cartwall License so i can re-install the software and see if that is the problem???

when i first unninstal cartwall i went to the regedit and delete all entries so the re-install process was like a first install, so i just can think that the problem is in the license process

thanks a lot

Omar Davila


i´m looking for the perfect instants software and i love that you can choose the output line of the cartwall (ASIO included). i tried many and no one has that feature. Keep up the good work!!!

if you can make it able to open 2 or more windows with different outputs i´ll be the coolest thing

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Hi Omar,

I have taken a look at your error report and have been able to track down the problem. Please could you download and install this version and let me know if it works for you:

Kind regards,


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