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Control a GPI/O, PIP Device or Switcher

I need to know how I can utilize this software to send commands to a switcher like the Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 or other types of professional equipment.  

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Hello Justin, I can’t think of a way. A scheduled GPO (relay closure) would be a sensible feature request although a GPI (detecting a swich closure) would be more useful for most people. I had a quick look at the Broadcast Tools website and it is a very handy device to make a radio station output switcher (with most of the functions that could be needed) but that controlling kind of device isn’t where PlayIt Live is aimed. A simple switch to a sustaining feed can be scheduled by taking a sound card input which might be what you want to do. Over the years I’ve been involved in projects attempting to achieve scheduled switching of audio and it can get very complicated very quickly.
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