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Audio Processings settings

Hi, new to PlayItLive from yesterday. Likeing the product, but cant seem to get the Audio quite right. Either a bit too pumpy or a bit too quiet. What do others recommend setting the Audio processing settings too? My songs also seem to fade out a little too much at the end, before the sweeper , next song plays. Is there a global setting that would help with this, or would all the mix out points need adjusting manually?

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Hello Richard,

Firstly get A COPY of all your files adjusted to equal subjective loudness (use MP3 Gain [from Sourceforge] or similar).

Then gentle processing.

There is an out level setting threshold which may be a bit too high but try a few tracks once the levels are sorted.

Personally I think you need to review in and out points manually but the automatic setting on import is a start for a play.

From bitter experience, my no. 1 tip is structure folders like any rotation rules you may want in the future.

I had a test library of about 1000 songs and learnt that the hard way.

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