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Unscheduled Tracks

I have just updated my computer to PlayIt Version 2.04 Build 2582.  Since the update I have been having an issue whereby tracks are coming up as Unscheduled Track - PlayIt can't find a track in the group folder.  It started with my Adverts folder and then began to affect the Promo Folder as well.  I have checked my settings and all are set correctly.  I have checked Playout Policies and all are set correctly.  None of my tracks have any tags.  Each folder has its own playout policy.  Am I missing something?


Hi Dave,

I have been having the same issue i look forward to finding out a solution to the problem.

Hi David/Mark,

Unscheduled Track is shown when a track cannot be chosen because of a playout policy. This is a new feature of PlayIt Live in version 2.04 as previously the item would just be missed out with no indication to the user. It's important to check that there are not any playout policies set that are affecting all track groups.

Can someone please provide me with a solution to the unscheduled track problem? 

Hi Andre,

Your playout policies are too strict, reduce the number of hours/minutes before the same song/artist can be repeated.


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