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Automation fails after remote url

Live assist fails to kick in after a 2 hour live stream ends. Any ideas why? Attached screen shot. Remote url goes out on time and ends on time just no autodj kicking in after 2hrs

I'm not sure what your screenshot is showing. What I would expect to happen here is the remote URL gets added to the log and immediately the next item is played (I assume that is the remote URL). I would expect audio to continue if you have scheduled the 12am hour onwards.

Hi jason. I want the remote url to play for 2 hours and then automation to kick back in. The remote url plays for 2 hours but automation is not playing after it

Hi Rich,

PlayIt Live will resume automation only if tracks are scheduled after the 2 hour remote URL. Ensure the system is in Automation ON while your remote URL is playing and tracks will be scheduled after it.

Automation would that count as live assisted. because our system stays in live assisted mode 24/7?

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