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Copy configuration over?

We've changeded our hardware, but on the new installation Playit Live is totally empty of any configurations like monitored folders, categories, users etc.

I tried copying the Program File folder but that does not work.

Is there a way to export and import the configuration?  I really don't fancy doing it all again manually!

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I am going to be doing this in the next few days, I hope. I know the location of the database and other files is C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live\, I hope it's as simple as install the software, copy the files and directory structure I'm using to the new PC then transfer the data. 

I need to document this for future reference as you can't trust that a PC will keep running for many years of course. 

I tried that but it did not work. I copied the whole folder. I wonder if it checks the identity of the hardware or something. I had to set it all up from scratch! Maybe it might work for just the music database or suchlike.

Hi Glyn,

There is a difference between Program Files and ProgramData. The folder that Gordon suggested is correct. C:\ProgramData is a hidden folder so you need to type it in if you have hidden folders are hidden (that's the default). The easiest place is to Windows Key + R and type C:\ProgramData and click OK. Copy the PlayIt Live folder to the same place on your other computer.

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