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Audio processing plug in

Hello Jason, Is there any way to select the input to the audio processing plug in or is it always the mixed output of Playit Live? With the streaming plug in the user can select where the source to stream is derived from so it works with an external mixer. I guess the processed output is another source available for the streaming plug in. Also audio processing is typically quite processor intensive. If a (not particularly new) computer runs at, say, 20% CPU usage with Playit Live what would you expect audio processing to add?

Hi Mark

The audio processing is applied to each player, so can be used with an external mixer, and also filters through to the PlayIt Live Main Mix for internet broadcast. The audio processing typically adds about 5% to the overall CPU.


Thanks Jason.

No doubt fine for may applications although it seems that it can't be used on the return from an external mixer even though the streaming plug in can take any source.

Perhaps that should be a feature request for V2 !

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