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Cartwall not playing carts

I have just installed (what I think is) the latest version - v1.01 build 179.

Unfortunately, I can't get any sound to come out!

I can add audio to the carts, but when I click on the cart to play it, no sound comes out.  If I double-click the cart, the cart changes colour and stays that colour til I click it a second time.

In Settings, all looks as I would expect (both o/p devices are set to "speakers").

Any thoughts?

Hi Julian

This is usually caused by other software or devices conflicting with the sound card. Do you have ASIO4ALL installed, this is the usual culprit for this problem?


Thanks Jason - that was it!  ASIO4ALL has now been uninstalled (I had to reinstall the drivers for my audio card too) and everything is now as it should be :)


I need ASIO4ALL to run other inputs. The Cartwall has no audio when I open MIXXX with Mixxx closed - Cartwall operates any way to work around this?

Hi Jess,

This sounds like your PC is not able to run multiple applications that require exclusive audio. It sounds like Mixx is pulling the audio away from PlayIt Cartwall. I'm afraid I cannot suggest a workaround for this.

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